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Right outside your window ^_^
United States
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What the hell? I'm sorry but we do not live in the 1800s anymore where you could own another human being. This is the 21st century, people. Even if you are a millionare, you cannot get away with this stuff anymore. And her defense says that the two woman she is accused of torturing and treating as slaves concocted the story to get out of the house to find more lucrative work and claims that they practiced witchcraft and self-mutilation? F**king asshats! Oh, yes, the fact that they were dressed in rags, starving, and covered in bruises and abrasions, oh, that was all because they were witches and they did it to themselves! *snorts* Obviously, her lawyer has no understanding about what wicca, as it is PROPERLY called, is really about. And he claims that her behavoir can be excused away because the woman underwent a personality change from going on a hunger strike? They say that SHE has suffered? Those poor two women she mistreated and who her husband LET be mistreated have suffered, not her! When are people going to learn that they can't get away with this kind of s**t even if they are rich! And she didn't even apologize for what she did! She said that she was put on this Earth to help people and that she loved her children very much. Yeah, right, like she was put on this Earth to help people. Grah, I'm just so pissed off right now.


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